Kerline K. Jules

2018-03-07_Update_2A native of Miami, Florida and of Haitian descent, Kerline Jules is one of South Florida’s leading young professionals and community leaders invested in public service and passionate about elevating the message of social and economic empowerment. Kerline believes a legacy of good intentions is no legacy at all; her very focused is on making sure that her life’s work makes an impact.

With the tagline “Passion. Purpose. Impact.”, Kerline is the visionary behind THE K.JULES PROJECT, a multi-media social impact venture which has launched engaging and impactful events such as Emerging Leaders Speak, Divas Speak and the highly anticipated, Distinguished Gentlemen.

Kerline is a former President of her local National Urban League Young Professionals chapter, a volunteer auxiliary of the largest and oldest direct services Civil Rights organization. She currently serves on the Executive Leadership Team of the National Urban League Young Professionals as the National Communications Chair, she is the first ever out of the Broward County Chapter and South Florida to be appointed to national leadership. Appointed by Florida State Representative Shevrin Jones, she also serves as the Chairperson of the South Florida Youth Summit, a premier destination youth summit for the Tri-County area. Kerline is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Kerline is a graduate of the 2013 CBC Political Leadership “Boot Camp” and was appointed Village Ambassador for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Blog, The Village, providing a voice and critical perspective on issues of concern within the African Diaspora community.

Kerline’s unwavering commitment to promote social economic empowerment has earned her the recognition by Legacy Magazine South Florida 40 under 40 Black Leaders of Today & Tomorrow, Young & Powerful Group Rising Star Community Leader, ICABA Honors Rising Star Community Leader, Finalist for the Greater Miami Chamber Difference Maker Hype Awards and inducted into the 100 Outstanding Women in Broward County.

Kerline is a proud Graduate of the University of Miami where she earned a Bachelors of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems and Finance and a minor in Business Law.



“Kerline carries the true essence of a community leader – motivated, committed, driven, humble, and sincere. Her passion is contagious and inspirational, and it has been more than a pleasure to work with her as the President of the Urban League of Broward County, YPN” – Attorney Michel Morgan

“I have found Kerline Jules to be not only a professional, but personable young lady. She’s able to integrate as smoothly with executives as she is with her community. And being the ambitious visionary that she is, I have no doubt that these consummate qualities will soon propel her into a position of greater respect. Kerline is well on her way to leaving a legacy of great accomplishments.” – Ken W. Burrough, CEO at South Florida Black Professionals Network

“In my role at the CBCF, I manage the guest blog, The Village. Selecting Kerline as a guest blogger was a no brainer. She has a demonstrated history of leadership and civic engagement and a genuine concern for the less fortunate. During the 6 month term, Kerlin submitted timely, thoughtful and well written blogs related to the events of the day. It was a pleasure to work with Kerline and I look forward to working with her again in the future” – Jada Irwin, Communications Associate at Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

“Kerline is a dynamic young professional who has a keen sense of business, community and social acumen. Kerline displays a high level of competence and a unique work ethic. Kerline is an effective organizer and fervant in spirit in her endeavours. Kerline will be an assest to any organization.” – Horace Hord, Sr. Vice President at ICABA Media Holdings, LLC

“Great writer, Kerline’s topics were always informative and thought provoking. I definitely see her career as a writer going to new heights” -Anthony Hales Jr. Policy Analyst, Writer and Communications Consultant

“Kerline Jules is an action-oriented, self-motivated professional. She approaches opportunities with excitement, energy and skill. It has been a joy working with her in the National Urban League Young Professionals. Her inquisitive nature led to opportunities to grow as a leader and community servant. Her execution of the Paul Carrick Brunson “It’s Complicated” tour in Broward County won her and her team compliments from the event management team.” Brandi Richard, President of the National Urban League Young Professionals

“I consider Kerline to be one of South Florida’s leading young professionals and community leaders. Kerline’s public service calling empowers her to be a visionary leader and very committed to making a positive contribution to our community. ” Dr. Gay Outler, President of Women With HEART

“Kerline is different from many of her peers in that she is very focused on making sure that her life’s work has an impact.  Her approach to volunteerism, recruitment and marketing is deliberate and authentic. ” – Courtnee M. Biscardi, Vice President of Programs at the Urban League of Broward County

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