South Florida’s Haitian Folklore Choir Host Special Concert In The Heart of Little Haiti


MIAMI, FL, April 27, 2014 – Sensational Haitian-American musician, composer, singer, songwriter, poet & author, Pierre Antoine Jules celebrates the launch of his Haitian Folklore Choir, “Zetwal Kreyol”, with a private concert in the heart of Little Haiti. “Zetwal Kreyol”, which in English translates to Creole Star, a Haitian Folklore Choir with a unique orchestra performance of 6-part harmony, hosted the special event in conjunction with Haitian community art advocate, author and playwright, Jan Mapou at the historic Libreri Mapou Book Store in Little Haiti.

In a standing room only, the group, in their 6-harmony arrangement, performed various pieces to the percussion sounds of a congo and an acoustic guitar. Songs performed included the beloved Haitian National Anthem and long time revolutionary favorite, “Lite’ Pou Nou Lite’” produced by Pierre Antoine Jules. Bridging the generational gap, “Zetwal Kreyol” choir comprise of members as young as the age of 18 and as senior as mid 60s. Pierre Antoine Jules expressed this was by designed; it is his vision to connect the younger generation to the history of Haiti and the Haitian folklore.

The event was attended by family, friends, various Haitian musicians, promoters and community leaders including Marleine Bastien, Executive Director, Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyami • Haitian Women of Miami. Following the powerful and uplifting performance, Libreri Mapou hosted a small reception catered with favorite Haitian Cuisine and a meet and greet with the group members.

Pierre Antoine Jules with a passion for his community, his Haitian roots and music uses his gift of song writing, producing and story telling to express his passion. “Zetwal Kreyol” is a manifestation of Pierre Antoine Jules walking in his life’s passion and purpose.

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