The THE K.JULES PROJECT, with the tagline Passion. Purpose. Impact, is a multi-media social impact venture launched by South Florida native, leading young professional and community advocate Kerline K. Jules. This initiative embraces her life’s passion and purpose in social and economic empowerment. THE K.JULES PROJECT, spearheads various projects including, Passion Meets Purpose, highlighting individuals living their life’s passion and purpose; Emerging Leaders Speak, a platform designed for Generation Y and Millennial Leaders to discuss issues that impact the African Diaspora; and launching the Summer of 2014, Distinguished Gentlemen: Honoring The Gentlemen Making An Impact, which recognizes the achievements of emerging African American male  business and community leaders. KJULESPROJECT.COM not only features some of the projects of THE K.JULES PROJECT but also highlights and features various impactful news, initiatives, and events in South Florida and around the country.

The THE K.JULES PROJECT endeavors to not only have a positive impact in the community but to also inspire others to walk this Earth like their footsteps matter, operate in their life’s passion and purpose and leave a lasting impact.

Current projects of THE K.JULES PROJECT include:

  • Emerging Leaders Speak
  • Divas Speak
  • Distinguished Gentlemen
  • Passion Meets Purpose
  • The Social Cause
  • Cocktails & Politics
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