The Congressional Black Caucus Pac Endorses Hillary Clinton For President Of The United States

263551_236370033050107_4230151_nThe Democratic Party and our constituents need a nominee with a track record of long, deep and varied service to underserved communities; a Democrat who has embraced diversity, with a detailed understanding of today’s world, and experience working to heal the global system.  We need a Democrat who has put forward thoughtful, realistic proposals on the fundamental challenges facing our nation ‒ including health care, affordable housing, education, day care, women’s rights, infrastructure, voting rights, gun violence, criminal justice reform, foreign affairs, and trade ‒ all of which he or she must turn into legislation that can garner bipartisan support upon taking office.


Hillary Clinton

That Democrat is Hillary Clinton. As someone who consistently worked with the Congressional Black Caucus as a U.S. senator from New York, she supported legislation to ban racial profiling, prosecute hate crimes, and eliminate racial disparities in the healthcare system. And she stood with us on consistently voting to raise the minimum wage, championing the Paycheck Fairness Act, and helping minority-owned small businesses.

As Secretary of State, she led President Obama’s efforts to restore America’s international prestige. She built global coalitions against terrorism, and convened the first Global Diaspora Forum to help communities of African descent forge partnerships with the public and private sectors.

In Hillary Clinton, African Americans will have a nominee who knows key Black elected officials, clergy, fraternity and sorority leaders, educators, public intellectuals, athletes, artists, and activists.  With their support, we will have a president who has dedicated her lifetime of public service to addressing the inequities that millions of African Americans still face.

For these reasons, the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee enthusiastically and unequivocally endorses the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States of America.

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