You’re Not Crazy, You’re An Innovator

ImageDear Impact Agents,

I was in the Disney area a weekend or two ago and I’m looking at the success of the park, it was amazing to see people from all around the world come to witness a vision come to fruition 50plus years ago. So of course, it left me thinking. Put yourself back in the 1940s/1950s, and Walter Disney calls a meeting in the office and says “Look…I want us to build this massive children’s theme park where we can bring our characters to life and families can come from all over to enjoy” I’m sure you would have looked at him like he lost his dang mind and said “Didn’t the company just declare bankruptcy a few years ago!?”I’ve learned in this season, innovative people, people with ideas that will transform the world and generations to come are peculiar people. They challenge what is deemed possible. 

I know you’re out there, God gave you this vision and you’re sleeping on it because you think it’s crazy…it makes no sense, it’s not possible. It’s important to understand God gave you the vision because he knew you were peculiar enough to believe in it by faith. You’re not crazy, you’re a visionary, an innovator, and you challenge what the world deems possible. Do not sleep on what God gave you to birth out; you never know you might be sleeping on a “Walt Disney World”. So, I double dare you, innovate, execute and transform the world and generations to come. I bet you they don’t think Walter Disney is crazy now!

My thoughts and views are that of my own

Kerline K. Jules_R3

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A native of Miami, Florida, Kerline Jules is one of South Florida’s leading young professionals and community leaders invested in public service and passionate about elevating the message of social and economic empowerment. Kerline believes a legacy of good intentions is no legacy at all; her very focus is on making sure that her life’s work makes an impact.

1 Comment on You’re Not Crazy, You’re An Innovator

  1. Allahandro D. Bradford // July 9, 2014 at 12:30 am // Reply

    Awesome article! Thanks for the encouragement!

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