Innovative Capital Marketplace Supports Growth Capital Campaigns of Game-Changing Nonprofits


A new way for philanthropy to combine its resources and achieve exponentially more impact

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2013 — Today, the Social Impact Exchange launched the Scaling Marketplace, a new philanthropic initiative where funders are joining forces to support nonprofits that are bringing the most promising social strategies to scale.  The Marketplace ( enables funders to easily connect to evidence-based, game-changing nonprofits with the potential to have a major impact in education, health and poverty alleviation.

The Scaling Marketplace is spearheaded by the Social Impact Exchange’s Working Groups (see member lists ) – 20 to 30 major funders in different issue areas who identify, vet and fund evidence-based nonprofits ready to move to the next level of scale. Working Group members provide a portion of growth funding needed for scaling each investment (“lead funding”), and then distribute the investment opportunities to broader networks of potential funders to complete the growth capital needed for scale up.

The marketplace is similar to a private placement marketplace in the for-profit sector, where co-investors come together to finance specific growth plans. The opt-in nature of the Scaling Marketplace allows funders to co-fund based on their interests and program areas.

“Despite all the important work accomplished by nonprofits, scaled impact remains an elusive goal. A lackof accessible growth capital makes it difficult for interventions with demonstrated impact to achieve the scale necessary to help millions of people,” said Alex Rossides, President of the Social Impact Exchange.

The Scaling Marketplace currently has 69 active funders and $ 69.23 million raised to-date for four health-focused nonprofit organizations and four education-focused nonprofits that collectively are raising a total of $135.55 million in growth capital.

The initial Marketplace investment opportunities include:
Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) Achievement Network (ANet)
IMPACT Expeditionary Learning
Playworks National Center on Time and Learning (NCTL)
Project ECHO National Teacher Center (NTC)

Additional scaling initiatives will be added to the Marketplace several times a year, and will include nonprofits in new fields such as poverty alleviation and impact investing.

To find out more about the Scaling Marketplace, please visit:

About the Social Impact Exchange
The Scaling Marketplace is an initiative of the Social Impact Exchange. The Exchange is a national membership association dedicated to working with funders to build a marketplace that efficiently delivers capital to the most effective nonprofits so they can spread their impact and improve the lives of millions. The Exchange was established in 2009 and currently has nearly 5,000 members. To learn more, visit

SOURCE Social Impact Exchange

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